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RCR Law has a continuing legal relationship through general retainers entered into with most of its clients. With a fixed monthly fee, clients are assured of over-all commitment and representation from the Firm’s lawyers for any legal services they may need on demand. As a general retainer, the Firm offers advice, consultations and opinions in all aspects of Philippine law, including the review, drafting and preparation of simple contracts and correspondence in relation to the business of the client to which the Firm has been retained.

Present retainer companies are involved in pharmaceuticals, real estate, fishing, games and amusements, trade and other industrial interests.


The Firm handles a broad range of corporate transactions including corporate organization and/or reorganization, acquisitions, mergers, rehabilitation, joint ventures, spin-offs and public offerings, as well as the preparation, negotiation, review and implementation of contracts of all types.

Relative to the foregoing, the Firm has assisted local corporate clients in a significant number of acquisitions over the years, as well as foreign commercial interests seeking to acquire companies or to establish a presence for their operations in the Philippines. Presently, the Firm is handling the entry for operations within the Philippines of one of top gaming and amusements corporations in the United States of America.

The Firm has likewise represented corporations before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Board of Investments (BOI), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the Central Bank of the Philippines and other public regulatory bodies.

The Firm may likewise act as the Corporate Secretary of a client corporation, through an ancillary agreement, which includes preparation of corporate reports, safe-keeping of company documents, contracts and agreements and attendance and recording minutes of board meetings.


The Firm handles court and administrative litigation of every kind and nature. In the area of court litigation, the Firm has been involved in both commercial and civil proceedings such as banking-related and aviation-related matters, estate litigation and planning, and property and family relations. Criminal cases and other administrative cases are equally handled as required.

As part of its commitment to provide legal services to all classes of society, the Firm provides a substantial number of hours a year for pro bono arrangements.


In the field of labor and social legislation, the Firm has represented both employers and workers before various administrative bodies under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

The Firm specializes in the formulation, negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreements, strikes and lockouts arising from labor disputes, and disputes related to the implementation of work contracts and claims attendant to the termination of retirement from service/employment.


The Firm is endowed with expertise to handle banking and financial law matters, international or domestic alike. Queries and litigation involving banking malpractices and/or breaches of fiduciary relationships involving banking institutions are handled with utmost precision. Additionally, bank mergers and acquisitions are accommodated. Furthermore, the restructuring of loans/re-assessment of mortgages with banking institutions have been a very successful endeavor for the Firm.


Through the years, the Firm has developed expertise in handling taxation matters, whether for its corporate or individual clients. Its tax practice involves not only knowledge of the country’s sophisticated tax laws but also the implementation of the same to achieve maximum benefits to the Firm’s clients.

As complexities in taxation principles and procedures arise, especially for the protection of family corporations in terms of succession and continuity are concerned, the need to establish estate planning for families and family corporations have become an utmost necessity.

The Firm has handled a number of estate planning affairs for individuals and family corporations, particularly tax avoidance schemes, succession and the protection of one’s wealth for the surety of his generation. Furthermore, consultancies on life cycles of family businesses and corporate succession are being handled.


Since its inception in 1999, RCLaw has witnessed a number of elections. In each of these elections, the Firm has represented clients/candidates both on the local and national levels from the pre-election period to its termination.

Through knowledge, practice and experience, the Firm has developed a solid grasp on issues and matters surrounding electoral processes, from planning and strategizing during the campaign period up to representations before the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) and House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET).

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